Blogcrew 002

Hi, guys!! Here we leave our second blogcrew. The rules are the same but if you want to take a look they're here.

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Gave me his/her autograph and I fainted

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Blogcrew 001

Hi there, guys! We haven't been very active in the last months, but tonight we decided to cheer this community up. So here we have our first blogcrew, we hope you like it! We're looking forward to your claims :D

I'm elopping with

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St. Valentine's Banner Contest: Winners & Prize Banners

At last, here we have the three winners for our St. Valentine's Banner Contest!

Thank you very much to yue_akuma, bluepunk and akame_hime for participating in our first contest, and also to those who voted (though there weren't so many LOL) ♥ Please continue participating in the next contests!

And now, without further delay, here are your shiny banners~ We hope you like them ^^

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St. Valentine's Banner Contest: Voting

Submission period is over, so let's start with votings :)

Votings are open till March 13th (Saturday) at 23.59.

You don't need to be a participant in the contest or member of the community to vote, votings are free!

Of course, it is forbidden to vote for your own work.

Follow the instructions described as follows in order to vote.

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Good luck to all the contestants!

St. Valentine's Banner Contest: Submission post

Ta da! The time for sign ups is over! So we can now start with the banner making ^^

The people who have joined this contest have until March 04th (Thursday) at 23.59 for submitting their love banners.

In order to submit the banners just leave a comment in this post in the following way:

LJ username:

If you have any doubt please visit the Contest rules post or ask the mods :)

Good luck!